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Bad, bad blogger

Obviously I am a bad, bad blogger. I mean, look at this: no posts for over a year! I haven't finished writing any new crochet patterns in almost a year, either, so I guess you could say I've been on hiatus.

Not that I haven't been crocheting. I've done quite a bit this past year, most of it for me. Sometimes it's good to take a break and be a selfish crocheter.

Most notable were:

Leg Warmers: FREE Pattern!

Once upon a time, in my childhood full of high-top sneakers, baggy tshirts, and stirrup pants, there were leg warmers. (And the best, weirdest cartoons in the world, but that's not why we're here.) Leg warmers were not only a quintessential - if not somewhat ghastly looking - fashion statement, they were also practical during the chilly Pennsylvania winters.

Big plans, big changes

At the end of 2010, I took some time to step back and evaluate LikeClochework, the result being that I have made some huge changes that make me extremely excited. Instead of making you read through a long post detailing all these changes and my reasons behind them, I'm going to lean on my tech writing background and give you - drumroll, please - a bulleted list.

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