Leg Warmers: FREE Pattern!

Once upon a time, in my childhood full of high-top sneakers, baggy tshirts, and stirrup pants, there were leg warmers. (And the best, weirdest cartoons in the world, but that's not why we're here.) Leg warmers were not only a quintessential - if not somewhat ghastly looking - fashion statement, they were also practical during the chilly Pennsylvania winters.

Fast forward 30 years and they're baaaaaaack! Honestly, once the 80s were over, I had sworn leg warmers off forever along with the baggy tshirts and sideways ponytails. But back they came, and even though I resisted until the bitterly cold end, I finally gave in and made a pair.

Want to make my super warm and chunky leg warmers for yourself or the 80s child in your life? You'll need to know how to make a single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), and back post double crochet (BPdc). If you want them low and slouchy, use two balls of yarn; if you want them longer, use three. The pattern is worked in the round with the wrong side facing you.

Extra Cozy Leg Warmers

Yarn: 2-3 balls Loops & Threads "Charisma" or 218-327 yds bulky weight yarn
Hook: N (9.00mm) and P (10.00mm)
Level: Beginner+

With smaller hook, ch 32; join ends of chain with slip stitch to form a circle.

Row 1) Ch2, dc in each ch around; slip stitch to join.

Rows 2-4) Ch1, BPdc in st joining; BPdc around; slip to join.

Switch to larger hook.

Row 5) Ch1; [sc, ch1, dc] in next stitch, *skip 2 st, [sc, ch1, dc] in next st, repeat from * around; slip in top os first sc to join.

Row 6) Ch1; *[sc, ch1, dc] in next chain space, repeat from * around; end with sc in last st; slip to join.

Repeat Row 6 until desired length is acheived.

Bottom ribbing: Switch to smaller hook. *Hdc next 3 st, hdc2tog, repeat from * around. Repeat Rows 1-2.


   Need help with the pattern? Want to share your finished object? Use the comments below!

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