Leg Warmers: FREE Pattern!

Once upon a time, in my childhood full of high-top sneakers, baggy tshirts, and stirrup pants, there were leg warmers. (And the best, weirdest cartoons in the world, but that's not why we're here.) Leg warmers were not only a quintessential - if not somewhat ghastly looking - fashion statement, they were also practical during the chilly Pennsylvania winters.

Fast forward 30 years and they're baaaaaaack! Honestly, once the 80s were over, I had sworn leg warmers off forever along with the baggy tshirts and sideways ponytails. But back they came, and even though I resisted until the bitterly cold end, I finally gave in and made a pair.

Want to make my super warm and chunky leg warmers for yourself or the 80s child in your life? You'll need to know how to make a single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), and back post double crochet (BPdc). If you want them low and slouchy, use two balls of yarn; if you want them longer, use three. The pattern is worked in the round with the wrong side facing you.

Extra Cozy Leg Warmers

Yarn: 2-3 balls Loops & Threads "Charisma" or 218-327 yds bulky weight yarn
Hook: N (9.00mm) and P (10.00mm)
Level: Beginner+

With smaller hook, ch 32; join ends of chain with slip stitch to form a circle.

Row 1) Ch2, dc in each ch around; slip stitch to join.

Rows 2-4) Ch1, BPdc in st joining; BPdc around; slip to join.

Switch to larger hook.

Row 5) Ch1; [sc, ch1, dc] in next stitch, *skip 2 st, [sc, ch1, dc] in next st, repeat from * around; slip in top os first sc to join.

Row 6) Ch1; *[sc, ch1, dc] in next chain space, repeat from * around; end with sc in last st; slip to join.

Repeat Row 6 until desired length is acheived.

Bottom ribbing: Switch to smaller hook. *Hdc next 3 st, hdc2tog, repeat from * around. Repeat Rows 1-2.


   Need help with the pattern? Want to share your finished object? Use the comments below!

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Are you using 2 to 3 strands

Are you using 2 to 3 strands of yarn at once? Or just a heavy weight yarn?


This is a great pattern, ready for the upcoming winter! I am trying to inspire my friends to crochet and I think this will help get them interested. Thanks!

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Wait, never mind. I was just reading the pattern wrong. My bad!

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na strada sterrata inmonroe county, illinois, circa un quarto di miglio a nord del ponte jeffersonbarracks. era stata violentata e painfor quasi 25 anni di strangled.a madre, alessandro ha vissuto con la figlia ofher ricordi. la figlia con la personalità spumeggiante, il winningsmile. la figlia premurosa che ha portato a casa gamberetti insalate, afavorite trattare per alexander. la figlia che ha lavorato sodo. thedaughter che si era laureato da bayless liceo l'anno beforeand aveva tutta la sua vita prima di ricordi her.the tagliati profondo, ma quando i pensieri di alessandro girare a herdaughter morire da sola, senza la madre per confortarla, una woundmore crudo di due decenni superfici vecchie a tormentarla .non stare con lei a pregare con lei, di fare qualcosa che potesse amother, ha detto alexander.non credo che avrei potuto venire outof se non ero un cristiano.l'aggiunta di sale per le ferite di alexander è la sua convinzione che la policemismanaged case.on la notte la figlia non è riuscita ad arrivare a casa, alexandercalled ufficio del jefferson county sheriff . era detto dipartimento di thesheriff aveva una politica di attesa tre
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to paese, dove posso vedere cervi e tartarughe e falchi. . questa terra ha beennothing ma una gioiasi può contattare maryshapiro a mshapiroyourjournal.com.history di centauraccording al librouna guida per architecturaltreasures di chesterfielddi dan rothwell, due cose ha portato il vecchio centaurinto città sono: il chicago rock island e pacifico ferrovie andanton leiweke. leiweke, un disertore dell'esercito tedesco, è venuto zona tothe alla fine del 1800 e, dal 1890, aveva acquisito vasti possedimenti terrieri nella zona che oggi comprende gran parte del selvaggio horsevalley, babler state park, zona centaur e howell island. nel 1891, leiweke organizzato il centauro lime co., approfittando di depositi calcarei di thearea, e fondò la stazione centauro. nel 1909, la piccola comunità vantava gli uffici calce aziendali, generalstore, fucina, cava di calce con forno, hotel, legname mulino, la chiesa parrocchiale di s. antonio, la sola stanza cornice scuola centauro, costruzione ufficio postale e la fabbrica, tutti supportati da servicethrough ferroviario della stazione centauro. un tempo, circa 1917, le chiesa fu nell'edificio casa scuola, ch
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ebbe salvarvi la vita. la scelta sta a voi.× related foto mike terry ');> mike terry / journal i residenti di via revere in granite city (da sinistra) giovanni malherek, greg e mary woll, e benny e debbie dunn, stare sotto un orologio segno quartiere . pubblicato sul loro blocco il gruppo è uno dei pochi nella zona che è rimasto insieme per un periodo di tempo significativo mike terry ');.> ingrandisci foto sparsa velocemente sui due bambini, quelli whonormally a piedi a casa ogni giorno da scuola intorno 03:00 i bambini-età 7 e 10 - sono stati di solito visti dai vicini sulla route di revere, un viale alberato granite strada cittadina, ogni afternoon.but oggi, nothing.it era sufficiente per mandare benny dunn e diversi membri del theblock di gruppo di vigilanza di quartiere in azione, circondando l'area insearch dei bambini scomparsi. in pochi minuti, erano foundsafe.e 'risultato essere niente di grave, ha detto dunn, 44 anni, di granitecity, ricordando gli eventi da l'incidente, avvenuto lastspring.avevano appena fermato a casa di un amico. ma noi foundthem prima che la polizia li ha trovati.mentre la storia può sembrare estr




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s"improved drastically" from last year, particularly in the sprintevents."Our sprinters are working much harder than last year, they're alot more dedicated than last year, and I think that is partiallybecause of our brand new sprints coach, Desoto Dickson," Gietschiersaid. "He's doing a fantastic job."Among those reaping the benefits is sophomore Bailey Kohrs, theanchor of the Pirates' 400 and 800 relay teams. Gietschier saidthat Kohrs is "the fastest girl on our team," and she has also beenSt. Charles' best triple jumper by about three feet."And she's tiny," Gietschier said. "She has all this explosiveability that comes out of this itty-bitty body."Other sprinters include junior Hali Schoelhamer and sophomoreEmily Wilson, who Gietschier said is "a fierce competitor.""Emily is incredibly fast, and she likes being in t
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Enlarge Photo Insituform Technologies Inc., a pioneer in trenchlesstechnology, recently opened its new world headquarters at 17988Edison Ave. in Chesterfield. The 35,000-square-foot building housesabout 140 employees and features an open-space design andenvironmentally friendly offices.× Related Photos « » Mary Shapiro');"> Rick Graefe Photo Journal / A customer b
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the ovenspace later on."- With thousands of recipes now online, what's the importance ofa cookbook like "Gourmet Today" "The difference is these recipesreally work, and most don't. So many recipes that you find onlinemay look like they work, but then you get into them and either thewriting is confusing or the measurements aren't right or somethingis just off."The difference is the kind of rigor we put into writing andtesting recipes. We had three full-time cooks who would perfect therecipe and then do it five more times to make it better. Then we'dgo over the writing again and again: Does it make more sense to say'Cook four minutes' or 'Cook until golden'"The reason Gourmet's cookbooks always sold well was because youknew you could cook it for the first time and it would work."- What's next for you "We still have t
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629-1390.GOOD EARTH GARDEN CLUB: 7 p.m. SECOND TUESDAYS, EurekaElementary School, 442 W. Fourth St. Info: (636) 458-3253.GRAY SUMMIT LIONS: 7 p.m. FOURTH TUESDAYS, Gray Summit UnitedMethodist Church, Ford Street and Highway 100. Info: (636) 451-4265or (636) 451-3197.GRAY SUMMIT MASONIC LODGE: 7:30 p.m. FIRST and THIRD THURSDAYS,2732 Highway 100. Info: (636) 742-4414.HOME SCHOOL GROUP: 1 p.m. TUESDAYS, Community Christian Church,Hwy. TT, St. Clair. Physical education and music. Info:629-3942.HUMANE SOCIETY: 9:30 a.m. FIRST SATURDAYS, Super 8 Motel, St.Clair.INDIAN TRAILS 4-H: 6:30 p.m. THIRD THURSDAYS, RobertsvilleElementary School, Hwy. N. For ages 5-18.JEFFERSON-FRANKLIN COMMUNITY ACTION: 1 p.m. THIRD WEDNESDAYS,Jefferson College, Hillsboro.JOB'S DAUGHTERS: 7:15 p.m. SECOND AND FOURTH THURSDAYS, EurekaMasonic Temple,


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I have this figured out for the most part. One question.. For rows 6 and following, how many of those combos should there be in each row. I am finding that I am DEcreasing, which is different from others' comments.. I am new at crocheting anything but scarves... THANKS!!

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