Leg Warmers: FREE Pattern!

Once upon a time, in my childhood full of high-top sneakers, baggy tshirts, and stirrup pants, there were leg warmers. (And the best, weirdest cartoons in the world, but that's not why we're here.) Leg warmers were not only a quintessential - if not somewhat ghastly looking - fashion statement, they were also practical during the chilly Pennsylvania winters.

Fast forward 30 years and they're baaaaaaack! Honestly, once the 80s were over, I had sworn leg warmers off forever along with the baggy tshirts and sideways ponytails. But back they came, and even though I resisted until the bitterly cold end, I finally gave in and made a pair.

Want to make my super warm and chunky leg warmers for yourself or the 80s child in your life? You'll need to know how to make a single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), and back post double crochet (BPdc). If you want them low and slouchy, use two balls of yarn; if you want them longer, use three. The pattern is worked in the round with the wrong side facing you.

Extra Cozy Leg Warmers

Yarn: 2-3 balls Loops & Threads "Charisma" or 218-327 yds bulky weight yarn
Hook: N (9.00mm) and P (10.00mm)
Level: Beginner+

With smaller hook, ch 32; join ends of chain with slip stitch to form a circle.

Row 1) Ch2, dc in each ch around; slip stitch to join.

Rows 2-4) Ch1, BPdc in st joining; BPdc around; slip to join.

Switch to larger hook.

Row 5) Ch1; [sc, ch1, dc] in next stitch, *skip 2 st, [sc, ch1, dc] in next st, repeat from * around; slip in top os first sc to join.

Row 6) Ch1; *[sc, ch1, dc] in next chain space, repeat from * around; end with sc in last st; slip to join.

Repeat Row 6 until desired length is acheived.

Bottom ribbing: Switch to smaller hook. *Hdc next 3 st, hdc2tog, repeat from * around. Repeat Rows 1-2.


   Need help with the pattern? Want to share your finished object? Use the comments below!

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wife is gonna love this

I'm printing it out right now. Thank you thank you.

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hi! this looks wonderful. for

hi! this looks wonderful. for the 6th row and after, wouldn't this get progressively wider? i'm trying this now and i'm a bit confused.

thanks, and nope!

Hi, TK! You might be confused because the ribbing is done with a smaller hook size but the body of the legwarmer is done on a larger hook. When you switch to the larger hook the legwarmers will slightly increase in size initially, but after that they should not continue to get wider; they should be a long tube of equal circumference. It's actually hard to increase with this stitch pattern, anyway. If you continue to have trouble, let me know!

i think what the problem is....

i got confused when i read the instructions too, i thought it would continuously increase, after reading it a few times i figured it out!

where it says "[sc ch1 dc] in ch1 space", I think a few people weren't understanding that all three of those stitches are all to be done in one chain one space, and as you go from row to row, you're not going to be crocheting in the single crochet or double crochet, just the chain one.

the single and double just kinda add body to the work.

kinda like if you do a granny square that's 3dc chain one 3dc across, turn, and 3dc in the space between each dc. it wont end up any wider on the top than the bottom. (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, i'm just learning!

thank you!

Thank you for explaining that. I'm new to crochet and like some other people have said, I realised that my work was increasing. Being a newbie, I didn't realise that the next row should only be crocheted into the chain stitch from below. Your explanation was perfect!

i tried to do it but it

i tried to do it

but it always keep wider like a skirt


Pair - Try using a stitch

Pair - Try using a stitch marker (even a bent paperclip works) to mark where you need to slip stitch. Good luck!

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