Hello, Trunkshow!

This morning I met up with my partner in crime, Jodi Bello of Stitch Sprite, to discuss our upcoming trunk show at Hello Bluebird in West Reading, PA. We are getting really excited and had a fun time brainstorming our display! The show will be held on Thursday, October 7, 2010 from 4-8:00 during West Reading's First Thursday event. All the shops and cafes will be open, and many will have special discounts or freebies. We will have refreshments and lots of new products, so stop by the second floor of HB and say hello!

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Defenseman Niclas Wallin missed the Pens game by using an upperbody injury. Maurice said Wallin is "day to day" but said he do not expect him to spend time in the Devils.
benching captain a final decision
"It's simple the whole since Sutter's been through the lineup that we've had everyone healthy but had to adopt someone out," Maurice said. "It was strictly a hockey decision, in one game."
Ward ended up being out since suffering the shin bone laceration Nov. 7 in Columbus as well as eager to play again. Legace are likely to be Ward's backup, Maurice said.
Maurice noted that Stephane Yelle and Tom Kostopoulos had played well in recent games and which also Scott Walker was healthy again. With Brandon Sutter a fixture within a lineup, the Canes had 13 healthy forwards for Monday's game.
Defenseman Brett Carson was called up Tuesday from Albany (AHL) in order to change Wallin. I hate to experience Nick not play either ,But Carson and Harrison can be better than him now. with regularity maybe misfortune or karma no one knows? every one of the young dmen the Canes have outplayed Wallin mainly in the transition game where Wallin just won't have the anymore against teams like Pittsburgh and Washington. I still am in store for Bowman and Mcbain to have there chance alongside Samson who leads the Rats in scoring. Bowman may look 14yrs old hard ,nevertheless enjoy seeing him take pleasure in Staal and Whitney. She's the massive time shot wrist a treadmill timer which your Canes have lacked forever since Jeff Oneil disappeared. Bowman might be under most fans radar with Boychuk getting lots of the headlines ,even so possibly he get's sometime here us fans gets apple iphone 4 next big thing especially NC ,and from some tips have read/heard coming from the (experts) Bowman need some more handle his skating ,but Brendan Shannahan had never been so good with regards to a skater either as well as the have a great career and Ironcally the first Whalers let him and Chris Pronger vacation. It has been a tricky call nonetheless i hope a phone call that Mo could make again as needed. The played well recently beating the Cup champions with their barn, so together with Cam instruction online net We exactly the same lineup earned another night together. Roddy should happy about getting scratched but I can't see him raising a stink relating to it. Other forwards should consider an evening off and he'll return in. Unfortunately but he is not throughout the top 12 immediately performance wise.
Maurice said there had been some bumps and bruises through the Pens game and that he will not be sure concerning the lineup for your Devils. Except Ward in goal, which may be.
"It's never straightforward to sit out any player," Maurice said before today's practice. "You ask your players to ready mentally and physically for games, as well pointless has anyone said, 'Roddy's not doing that.' He is doing everything she can to prep.
And despite Manny Legace is the winning goaltender within the last few two games, Maurice said the Canes would emulate intend to start Cam Ward on Wednesday contrary to the On the internet services Devils. Ward was activated from injured reserve .
"Jussi (Jokinen) was started and get during lineup. Had been a swimming pool of few candidates of who might turn out. But it is dislike decision is made Roddy's emmitted the rest year."

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